3rd: Suggs Feels Blessed

It was a harried morning for Suggs after the fog delay. He had a short day due to boat draw, and wanted that morning bite before the sun rose. "I feel fortunate and blessed to catch what I did," he said. "I fished under a lot of pressure this morning. Knowing all that I wanted to try and do, I was just kind of nervous. And I lost more than I caught this morning. I lost a couple 3-pounders right off the bat, then I lost an even bigger one a little after that. Then it all starts playing in your head with the day being slick-calm and all that.

"I was just fortunate that I made some good decisions. I changed my style of fishing for a little bit to go for a limit, then from 12:30 until weigh-in I managed to catch one nearly 5, a 5 and another good one." Complete Story