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Suggs playing strategy

2007 Forrest Wood Cup winner Scott Suggs of Bryant, Ark., might be on his way to pulling down another Ozarks win this week with a well-planned strategy.

With a five-bass catch for 15 pounds, 13 ounces today, Suggs is ready to pounce with just a 3-ounce deficit off the lead.

One thing the Folgers pro has going solidly in his favor is a place where he can catch a limit of keepers first thing in the morning – and that is by design.

“When you go fishing up shallow on this lake with an empty livewell, you’re taking a real chance,” Suggs said. “These shallow fish will leave you high and dry in a heartbeat. So I spent some time in practice refining some deep places where keeper spotted bass are schooled up. I’m catching them on a little swimbait over 130 feet of water. They’re not big fish – just 15 inchers – but it only takes me an hour or so to get a limit. And if I can go to the bank with a limit already secured, mentally it makes things a lot easier.”

Once Suggs caps off his well with five 15-inchers, he goes to channel swing banks with a ¾-ounce Divis Jig to upgrade his catch with bigger fish.

“Every day that shallow bite has gotten tougher and tougher,” Suggs said. “Today my shallow fish really pulled way off the bank and I only caught four on the jig, which is exactly why having a limit to start with is huge.” Read More

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