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Suggs Fifth Day 3 Beaver Lake

scott suggsday2Just an ounce behind Kreiger sits Folgers pro Scott Suggs. He has steadily increased his weights throughout the week with 11-10, 13-9 and 17-9 on days one, two and three, respectively. One of the most impressive stats for Suggs this week is that with a three-day total weight of 42-12 only one largemouth has been a part of his bag – the rest have been smallmouth.

“I always have played it safe when I come to Beaver by throwing a shaky head and just trying to cash a check,” said Suggs. “This week in practice I started playing the wind and catching big smallmouth. I called my wife to tell her what I was on and she told me that they always burn me. But I was pretty confident in what I found so I stuck with it.” Read More


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