3rd: Wind Wrecked Suggs’ Stuff

> Day 2: 4, 15-02 (9, 36-07) Suggs knows he’s around the right quality of fish. He just needs the conditions to cooperate in order to target them effectively.

“The wind got me,” he said. “It may be calm in the morning and I might not catch anything. I got there this morning and it was rolling whitecaps and already mud. I caught a 6 off my first place, but I had to sit on it and thoroughly pound it.”

The rest of his shallow areas where he’d been catching schooling fish chasing shad to the surface were unfishable and he opted to move offshore. He adjusted his boat position and caught three more, including a 4-pounder.

“I never had an opportunity for the fifth,” he added.

He said current has been critical to the areas he’s been fishing and he’s hoping to have some moving water Saturday.

“On Thursday, they were pumping water in and letting a little out so the water was coming up and there was a little current,” he said. “I was able to fish my areas. The wind can be dead, but if I have no current, it’ll stink. It all depends on whether they run current or not.” Read more


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