Suggs Leads Out Deep, Shallow Fish Wary And Tough

Photo: FLW Outdoors/Gary Mortenson
Patterns began to reveal themselves today at the Ouachita FLW Tour. Scott Suggs is working his trademark deep stuff and leads with back-to-back 17-pound-plus sacks.

Keith Monson moved up two spots to 2nd today on the strength of a 15-02 limit, and his 31-02 total puts him a little less than 4 pounds behind Suggs. Monson's fishing shallow.

And Jacob Powroznik weighed his second consecutive 15-pound bag and now sits in 3rd (up from 6th yesterday). He's also fishing shallow.

Overall the catch was light today and averaged around 8 pounds. That's largely because the shallow fish are extremely difficult to catch. They're up and around the flooded bushes, but in the ultra-clear water, they spook at the first sign of a boat. There are big fish up there – everyone's seen 20-pound bags – but getting them to bite is another story. Complete Story


Suggs still owns Lake Ouachita

Scott Suggs of Bryant, Ark., finished the day in third place.After winning the 2007 Forrest Wood Cup on Lake Ouachita and becoming the first person to ever win a $1 million payday at a single bass-fishing event, it’s not entirely surprising that Scott Suggs of Bryant, Ark., is once again in the running for a tournament title on his home lake.

Using a total catch of 17 pounds, 11 ounces, Suggs continued his assault on the Lake Ouachita leaderboard, ending the first day of competition in third place overall.

“It’s always fun to come to Ouachita and to come home again,” said Suggs. “We lost about an hour and a half of fishing this morning (due to the fog delay) and that usually makes everyone’s bag look bad. But it worked out for me today.”

However, it wasn’t until about midday that Suggs’ mastery of Lake Ouachita became apparent. Complete Story

Suggs slugs his way to the top

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – It was only a matter of time, right? Fishing on his home lake as well as the site of his last major tournament victory, Scott Suggs of Bryant, Ark., vaulted from third place overall to the top of the leaderboard using a stellar two-day catch of 34 pounds, 13 ounces.

It’s now obvious that Suggs is picking up right where he left off the last time the bright spotlight was on him during a Lake Ouachita tournament. That event – the 2007 Forrest Wood Cup – allowed Suggs to become the first person in bass-fishing history to net a $1 million payday (which is still a record to this day) for a tournament victory.

Clearly, Suggs now owns Lake Ouachita. And after today’s competition, there was little doubt who the frontrunner will be for the remainder of the tournament. Complete Story

3rd: Suggs Feels Blessed

It was a harried morning for Suggs after the fog delay. He had a short day due to boat draw, and wanted that morning bite before the sun rose. "I feel fortunate and blessed to catch what I did," he said. "I fished under a lot of pressure this morning. Knowing all that I wanted to try and do, I was just kind of nervous. And I lost more than I caught this morning. I lost a couple 3-pounders right off the bat, then I lost an even bigger one a little after that. Then it all starts playing in your head with the day being slick-calm and all that.

"I was just fortunate that I made some good decisions. I changed my style of fishing for a little bit to go for a limit, then from 12:30 until weigh-in I managed to catch one nearly 5, a 5 and another good one." Complete Story


Scott Suggs' fish were of better-than-average size, but he only caught six of them on the weekend.

Scott Suggs fished one lock up the Allegheny in his bid to become the first two-time Cup winner. He was on fish there that were better-than-average size, but managed a limit only on the first day.

"I didn't pre-fish much, but I rode all three rivers in practice and I could tell that the Allegheny was the flattest of all of them," he said. Complete Story


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