There's no BS when talking fishing with Scott Suggs, so we take notes when he starts sharing his favorite baits for consistent fall bass fishing action. Suggs goes in-depth on his top 4 baits, when to use them, and how to fish each to generate bites in various situations. Product links below.  

Interestingly, his top choices are all shad-imitating moving (horizontal) baits that allow him to cover water and generate reaction strikes quickly. Here's the breakdown: 

  1. Lipless Crankbait. Perhaps the most versatile on his list, the lipless crankbait is an excellent shad imitator that can be fished at various depths, speeds, and cadences. Suggs explains how to work lipless crankbaits on grass lakes, lakes with clean bottoms, and where to target bass with them during the fall. 
  2. Squarebill Crankbait (balsa). An ultra-buoyant balsa squarebill crankbait is Suggs bait of choice when bass are using shallow wood. Few baits trigger bass like a squarebill bouncing and deflecting erratically off of hard cover. Balsa adds a level of buoyancy unrivaled by plastic crankbaits, which greatly reduces snagging. 
  3. Buzzbaits are the king of covering water. Suggs explains when to reach for buzzbaits, where to fish them, and the attributes he looks for when choosing the best-performing buzzbaits.
  4. Spinnerbaits. And like so many of us, he ranks spinnerbaits at the top of his fall bass fishing baits list. Few lures imitate shad and trigger fall largemouth like a quality tandem bladed spinnerbait. Suggs details how he chooses blade size and color configurations based on baitfish size and water clarity. You don't want to miss out on this lesson.   

July 10, 2020 - STURGEON BAY, Wis. – Berkley pro Scott Suggs headed into his first Qualifying Round of the Covercraft Stage Five Presented by Abu Garcia sitting at 35th in the Points Championship race, just five spots above the Qualification Line. With that fire to maintain his position, the Arkansas angler hit Sturgeon Bay prepared to catch some smallmouth bass. 

While Suggs was unable to surpass Justin Lucas for the lead, he was one of three MLF pros to cross the century mark on Day 1. Suggs ends his day with 33 bass for 119 pounds, 4 ounces, setting himself up for success in Group A’s Qualifying Round 2.

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